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Intergenerational Wealth Transfer Part 2

Hello Everyone Last time, in our discussions on inter-generational wealth transfers, I told 3 stories of how 3 different families had handled inheriting real estate. The first family came together and formed an investment club and continued to manage their father’s existing properties as well as buying

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Intergenerational Wealth Transfer part 1

Over the next 10 to 15 years it is estimated that there will be $1.5 Trillion transferred from the Baby Boomers to the next generation as the boomers pass. This offers a tremendous opportunity for families of the next generation to work together as a group, as

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Getting Started in Real Estate Investing Later in Life

Today we are going to talk about Getting Started in Real Estate Investing Later in Life. Suppose you are 45 or 50 or older and have yet to have really started to save for your retirement. Perhaps you are starting to get a little anxious about what

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Getting Your Financial House In Order

The first step towards investing in real estate is to get your own finances in order. If you don’t have your own financial house in order adding more debt to your life through investing will compound your issues. There are several steps you should take before you

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How To Get Started in Real Estate Investing

As we discussed in a previous blog I firmly believe that real estate is the best way for most people to achieve their financial freedom over time. While I believe that everybody should have some real estate in their portfolio not everybody is cut out for physically

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How Blockchain & AI Will Reshape Real Estate

Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are reshaping the real estate industry by increasing transparency, efficiency and accuracy while reducing risks and unnecessary costs. According to a recent article in The Financial Post, "How blockchain and artificial intelligence will reshape real estate", new technology will change theRead more

Funny Story LRT Line

Hello again Today I would like to tell you a funny story that happened in my early days of fixing and flipping. The city I live in has a railroad track that runs through it and city hall decided to put in a light rail transit /

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Excuses for Not Investing In Real Estate

  Over the years I have heard a lot of excuses why people don’t invest in real estate. Let’s look at a few of these and see if we can’t come up with some ways to solve them:   I am too busy: We are all busy. People

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Why Invest In Real Estate?

Hello everyone Darcy Marler here with Hutton Radway, Real Estate Investment Advisors “Helping You Get The Most Out Of Your Real Estate Investments”   Today we are going to talk about ‘Why Buy Real Estate?’ One of the main reasons we like real estate and are comfortable

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Landlording Before the Internet

I am going to date myself here and give you one of those ‘I remember when’ stories (damn kids get off my lawn). Things have come a long way and life is a lot better for landlords now that we are in the internet age. Take advertising for example:

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