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Free eBook Download of My Two Real Estate Investing Books

Hello everyone

I have some very exciting news. Starting today, for a limited time only, you can download the eBook version of one or both of my Real Estate Investing books! Absolutely Free!

Why am I doing this? Normally these books sell for $25 each or 2 for $40, why would I give them away for free? BECAUSE I WANT YOU to start investing in real estate. I firmly believe that investing in Real Estate is THE best way to build a strong financial future for yourself and your family, and I want to be a part of that.

I invite you to download the books, poke around the rest of my site, check out my blogs (I blog twice a week on themes that pass on what I have learned in my time as a full time real estate investor) and then get in touch with me.

Let’s have an honest discussion about where you are today, where you want to be in the future and how Real Estate can be the bridge to that future.

I can be an advisor, coach and consultant or I can be your partner in this journey. The first step, though, is up to you.

Thanks for you time, Darcy


“Comparing Real Estate Strategies, What Works Best For You?”

This book will build off my 17 year experience in Long Term Rentals, Flips, Condo Conversions, Commercial, New Construction (I have built 50 new homes), Land Development, Land Parceling and Changing The Use of a Building to give you the real truth about how you make and lose money in each of these strategies. I use real life ,actual case studies from my own buildings with live facts and figures. My hope is that this will enable you to make an accurate decision about which strategy will work best for you. I compare the benefits of flipping vs. long term rentals. I discuss a ‘Super Strategy” that I have employed with great success and I talk about what I would do, if I were starting over from scratch again. Some pretty powerful stuff.

“Cash Management In Real Estate Investing”

When I first started out, like most people, I didn’t have a lot of money to invest in real estate. This book will share what I have learned about making the money you do have go farther, it will give you some tips on how to raise money for investing and then, once you have some properties, how to increase the cash flow from those properties. My hope is to have you managing your investment cash more effectively. Over the last 17 years I have owned $44m worth of real estate so I have learned (sometimes the hard way) how important having regular cash flow can be to the success of your investing.

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=======> Download “Cash Management in Real Estate Investing”