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Launch of Portfolio Review                               

You have spent decades building, preserving and protecting your real estate portfolio. However, times have changed and markets are evolving to the point that in order to succeed, you need to evolve with them. The methods you have always used may not be the best methods toRead more

Different Types of Sellers In Real Estate Investing

I have done a lot of deals with a lot of different sellers over the years and, in general, you can fit them all into one of four categories. You have to decide what type of investor you are and then find the right seller for you.

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Real Life Monopoly

The following story illustrates in a fun way what real estate has come to mean to my family and me. It also shows just how much the game Monopoly imitates real life real estate investing. We were on a family vacation and were playing the board game

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What I Believe In

I believe in three things when it comes to investing: I believe in real estate: I believe it is the single best investment, period. I believe that it is the key to financial success for most people because it gives ordinary people more control over their investment than

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Hello World!

Welcome to my personal blog. Once or twice times a week I hope to put down a few thoughts, tips and advice on real estate investing. Sometimes we might discuss the economy and how it affects investing directly and everyone generally. New projects that I am working

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RESAAS Services Inc. + REIN Announce Partnership

The future of real estate is here. In partnership with RESAAS Services Inc., REIN is thrilled to announce we are developing an app that will allow real estate investors to discover and share real estate investment properties within the REIN network. With the increasing demand for not only

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What Could Go Wrong: Disaster-proofing Your Life

Adversity can strike at any time. Whether it is emotionally, physically, financially or intellectually, adverse events don’t schedule themselves into our lives. They don’t knock on the door and ask us if we’re ready to have our world turned upside down, politely turning away when we say

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Why We Must Celebrate Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Did you know according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), nearly 50 percent of Canadian rental properties are held by independent investors? Real estate entrepreneurs are the backbone of the rental market, providing housing supply and fueling the economy. However while these investors should be celebrated,

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