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Funny Story About My Very First Flip

Hello everyone Over the past few blogs I have given some advice from my many years of flipping. We will end this series, as always, with a funny story related to flips. I embarrass myself so that, hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes. 🙂  Enjoy. See the

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Funny Story: The Time I Tried To Buy An Entire Street

Hello everyone A lighter post this time. Back when I was mainly doing flips I tried to buy an entire street, here is a funny story about what happened with that. Thanks for tuning in each week. If you want to talk about what Real Estate investing

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Intergenerational Wealth Transfer part 1

Over the next 10 to 15 years it is estimated that there will be $1.5 Trillion transferred from the Baby Boomers to the next generation as the boomers pass. This offers a tremendous opportunity for families of the next generation to work together as a group, as

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Funny Story LRT Line

Hello again Today I would like to tell you a funny story that happened in my early days of fixing and flipping. The city I live in has a railroad track that runs through it and city hall decided to put in a light rail transit /

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